Aloha, For years Hawaiians have had a fascination with the magical - "little people" of the Hawaiian Islands - the Menehune. Living deep in the forests and sometimes in dark tunnels, these little people work only at night while humans sleep. They stand between six inches to two feet tall and have long hair. Noted as being highly skilled stonemasons and engineers, the Menehune have accomplished many overnight feats such as Waimea's Menehune Ditch and the Alekoko Fish Pond on Kauai. They are said to have built many temples, roads, and tunnels throughout the islands. Menehune, with great energy, work on one task at a time, usually completing that task during the night that it was started. However, if they are interrupted or distracted, often tasks are left undone and never completed. These mischievous little people are sometimes blamed for unexplainable happenings on the Hawaiian Islands. If you can't explain it, then "the Menehune did it"! We at IslandShirtCo are presenting a line of products which encapsulate the whimsical nature of the Menehune. Our offerings include clothing and other items that will please all who appreciate what the Menehune have stood for throughout the centuries of Hawaiian folklore. We strive to provide products of the highest quality and look forward to accommodating tourists and Hawaiian needs.

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